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The Scientific Advice Mechanism provides independent scientific evidence and policy recommendations to the European institutions by request of the College of Commissioners.

We consist of three parts:

  • the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors, seven eminent scientists whose role is to make policy recommendations
  • SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies), which brings together Europe’s academies and Academy Networks to review and synthesise evidence
  • the SAM secretariat, a unit within the European Commission whose role is to support the Advisors and liaise between the Scientific Advice Mechanism and the European Commission

In some activities, such as communicating about our work, the three parts collaborate closely.

But when we give scientific advice, SAPEA and the Advisors work independently, following specific procedures to maintain the independence and quality of our advice.

Throughout this website, you can read more about these three parts and how they work.


The first Group of Chief Scientific Advisors were appointed in 2015. They were initially known as the ‘High-Level Group’ and their mandate was to advise the College of Commissioners on scientific issues. SAPEA was created in 2016.

In 2023, the Commission decided that the Scientific Advice Mechanism should advise on scientific issues relevant to the policy priorities of the European Parliament and Council of the EU, as well as to the European Commission. All requests still come via the College of Commissioners.

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