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Artificial intelligence in science: live handover of our advice to Commissioners today!

April 2024

AI in science

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise scientific discovery, accelerate research progress, boost innovation and improve researchers’ productivity. The EU must take hold of the opportunities this brings, and in a timely way. But it must also respond to the challenges and risks associated with this fast-evolving technology.

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June 2023

Sustainable food consumption

For Europe to achieve its health and sustainability goals, the way we produce and consume food has to change.

Sustainable food consumption
November 2022

Strategic crisis management

Improving crisis management has become an essential issue for protecting and enhancing present and future wellbeing in the EU and globally.

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March 2022

Improving cancer screening

Organised cancer screening programmes save lives. The earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the greater the chances of treating it successfully and straightforwardly.

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June 2021

The energy transition in Europe

There are many possible pathways towards a carbon-neutral future. Achieving it by 2050 is possible, but this requires urgent action.

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December 2020

Biodegradability of plastics

Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem, and it is still growing. Each year, more and more plastic ends up in the natural environment, raising concerns of risk to the environment, animal and human health.

Biodegradability of plastics key image
November 2020

COVID-19 and future pandemics

This current crisis has taught us that much of Europe was insufficiently prepared. At the same time, we know that COVID-19 will not be the last pandemic or indeed crisis that will emerge.

Pandemic preparedness and management key image
June 2020

Climate change and health

Responding to climate change involves a two-pronged approach, including reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases (mitigation) and planning and acting to address those consequences of climate change that cannot be avoided (adaptation).

Climate change and health key image
8 February 2024
Survey for early- and mid-career researchers
SAPEA is working to increase the participation of early- and mid-career researchers in high-level science and policy advice to the European Union.
10 June to 
14 June 2024
Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress
Hybrid event
SAM staff will offer hands-on training and record a live podcast episode at this global conference in Helsinki.
18 April 2024
Rethinking academies' collaboration with stakeholders: success stories
Online event
During this webinar, we will hear from Academies about successful partnerships, and from other stakeholders about collaborating with Academies.
15 April 2024
Handover: Successful and timely uptake of Artificial Intelligence in science in the EU
Online event
On April 15 we will release the advice on how the European Commission can accelerate the responsible take-up of AI in science in the EU.
9 April to 
12 April 2024
Global Food Security conference 2024
In-person event
SAM representatives, including Advisors and working group members, are presenting at this major event on equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems.
11 March to 
13 March 2024
Open Food Conference
In-person event
Open Food Conference is an open and dynamic platform that can inspire the next European legislative term and highlight the current expectations on European food policy.
4 March 2024
EGU Science for Policy Hangout
Online event
Eric Lambin, one of the seven Chief Scientific Advisors that supports the Scientific Advice Mechanism to the European Commission will be joining this month’s Hangout to share his insights and experiences leading the Sc
13 February 2024
How to make sustainable diets the norm?
Hybrid event
This event aims at presenting and reflecting on our recent scientific advice on sustainable food consumption.
31 January 2024
Food Systems – Der Weg zu einem nachhaltigen, zukunftsfähigen Ernährungssystem
In-person event
The aim of the conference is to contribute to the discussion for a sustainable and resilient food system – with a focus on Europe, without losing sight of the global context. The focus is on the actual costs of our food for society as a whole.
6 December 2023
Towards sustainable food consumption in Europe: The role of informal food chains
Online event
This event will discuss the role of informal and alternative food chains and networks in Europe in the needed shift to healthier and more sustainable food consumption, and how EU policies can support those.
4 December to 
5 December 2023
Food 2030 conference
In-person event with streaming
On 4 and 5 of December 2023, the European Commission will organise a conference in Brussels entitled “Food 2030: green and resilient food systems” to showcase achievements of EU food systems related projects, explore future research and innovation orientations and levers of change.

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