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Explanatory Note on New Techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology

Explanatory Note on New Techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology

28 April 2017
SAPEA brought experts together from across Europe to priovide extensive support to the SAM High Level Group for an Explanatory Note on New techniques in Agricultural Biotechnology.

The Explanatory Note was published on Friday 28 April 2017, in response to a request from the College of Commissioners led by Commissioner Andriukaitis.

The Explanatory Note provides a detailed scientific description of the full spectrum of breeding techniques used for agricultural applications in plants, animals and microorganisms. The Note draws on existing scientific reviews, opinions and reports. It explains and compares conventional breeding techniques, established techniques of genetic modification and new techniques, and will feed into a broad reflection on how the EU can benefit from innovation in the food and agricultural sector while ensuring a high level protection of human and animal health and environment.

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