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Survey for early- and mid-career researchers

Survey for early- and mid-career researchers

8 February 2024
SAPEA is working to increase the participation of early- and mid-career researchers in high-level science and policy advice to the European Union.

In an effort to highlight the opportunities for early- and mid-career researchers, as well as to identify the challenges that they face when engaging in science-for-policy work, SAPEA — part of the Scientific Advice Mechanism — has developed a questionnaire to gather input from the research community based on their experience and training.

Input is welcomed from any field of research and career stage. Results will be analysed and results shared in a publicly-available report during summer 2024, along with best practices based on the survey data. The finding will feed into developing the final version of the SAPEA strategy to engage more EMCRs in science-for-policy activities.

By sharing their experience, researchers will contribute to shaping a more inclusive, diverse and impactful science-policy EU landscape.

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